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co-ax valves Ltd

co-ax valves ltd, part of the muller co-ax ag group, and the original developers of the original coaxial valve, are leaders in valve technology They are reliable through their innovations and know-how when it comes to the control, regulation and monitoring of very different media - which is why they have been around since 1960. They supply us with coaxial valves where "quality without compromises" is required and where the highest demands are placed on systems.

Co-ax valves have formed a tried and tested element in the control of vacuums and gaseous, liquid, abrasive, highly viscous, contaminated and aggressive media. The product diversity ranges from simple switching valves through application-specific special valves to complete modules. using a wide-selection of orifice sizes, port connections, seal and seat configurations, our expert technical sales engineers can tailor valves for maximum performance in a virtually unlimited range of applications.

Coaxial valves from co-ax valves ltd offer many decisive advantages:

  • Pressure balanced design / operating from 0 bar - unlike conventional valves, coaxial valves require no minimum pressure differential in order to function
  • Back pressure tight - when the valve is closed, the pressure at the outlet side can be higher without any leakage
  • Maintenance free / resistant to dirt - unique design minimises wear of valve seat even with extremely contaminated media. Up to 10 times longer lifetime
  • Fast actuation - coaxial valves are some of the fastest operating valves you can specify due to their pressure balanced design
  • Bi-Directional operation - no need for multiple valves as the coaxial valve design allows the medium to flow in both directions
  • Compact size - the design of the valve eliminates the need for multiple actuators

The valves are offered in 2/2 way and 3/2 way Normally closed or Normally open configurations with various options of threaded ports and flanges. There are direct acting valves to 500 bar operation and externally controlled valves to 500 bar operation. Position switches can be fitted to the valves as required and ATEX compliant option valves for use in Zone 1 environments with switches to suit the application. SIL2 as standard on the whole valve range with SIL3 available on request on certain model types. The coaxial valves are available in manifold options for neat compact solutions eliminating unnecessary pipework. Flow control and pressure control options, latching valves and cryogenic options are also all available.

If you are looking for Omal pneumatic VIP coaxial valves, available in both spring return or double acting, please visit these products here.


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